How to get a human on the phone for Prepaid

Hi i have been calling 888-294-6804 all day and can never get to a point where I can hold for a human being. It just keeps apologizing for my trouble and says good bye.  What are the current number prompts to get thru to a human being? When I ask for customer service it says ok and then takes me thru the prompts before hanging up.

I am trying to find out if there is anyway to move the 200 dollar balance off a 6 year old prepaid Samsung Gusto 3 to a newer Etalk flip phone. I don't want to lose that balance and I know my old 1.99 unlimited per day plan doesn't exist anymore. If I try to do it online it gets to a point where it tells me my old plan doesn't exist and if i go forward there's no going back. Please I need to talk to a human about the balance on my old phone and not losing it. This was not so difficult 6 years ago when I switched to the Gusto but it's just impossible to get a live person on the phone.

Please help,