How to get my account number for porting out?
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I've been trying to port out my Verizon prepaid number to another carrier for 6 days and spent 4+ hours on the phone with Verizon and 6+ with the other carrier. 

Verizon keeps assuring me that my account number on my Verizon profile that you can see immediately after logging in is correct and I should be able to port it.  When it is submitted Verizon rejects it for an invalid account number.  I also searched website source code and found a separate account number on there and was rejected again.  Customer service keeps saying that's the correct number but it clearly is not. 

How can I force Verizon to give me the correct information or obtain it myself.  While on one call Verizon claimed to do a 3 way call with the other carriers port department but they put me on hold for the conversation.  I sat there for over an hour and they claimed they walked the other carrier through it and gave them the info but did not let me hear the exchange.  The other carrier has no record of this call.  

They have delayed the process for over a week and forced me into buying another month of service to keep the line active with the port.  How can I get my account number to port it to another carrier.   

Re: How to get my account number for porting out?
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Are you adding -00001 at the end of your account number?