I am so fed up.

Every month since activating my device 6 months ago every month is a fight for service.  Enrolled in auto pay...$ is ALWAYS THERE, PAYMENT ALWAYS POSTS.  Made a payment 12 hours ago, did not get billed for the PLAN I AM ENROLLED IN, got charged for data used NOT ACCORDING TO MY PLAN, and now will be out of $ for the month.  This line is for an autistic disabled person on full disability, could not use his phone today and had a melt down.  Ready to call and attorney and the Verizon rep drops my call (I was on a land line)!  Every month I deal with melt downs from my son.  This is beyond unacceptable.  We pay, yet no one can make sure he has service!!!  EVEN THE AFTER HIS PAYMENT POSTS HE IS WITHOUT SERVICE DUE!  He get texts saying the payment is due, then when it's posted...he has been texting back in desperation this month!  It is so sad to see a child go thru this EVERY MONTH...and EVERY MONTH not ONE REP can get it right!

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Re: I am so fed up.
Customer Service Rep

Let's get to the bottom of this service/billing issue pronto Eviecat21! Two ways we can get this resolved. 1- Call 800-922-0204 for immediate assistance as this seems to be a critical issue. 2- Follow me (I am following you already), and send me a direct message so that I can access your account and explore resolution options for you. Please keep in mind that this is a peer to peer forum and while our Social Media team monitors the posts, the best way to get immediate assistance when critical issues need attention is to call 800-922-0204 or send us a message on twitter at @VZWSupport.

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