I am through with Verizon Wireless.
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These reps just say anything to get you off the phone and as long as they think everything appears fine on their end, they don't care.  I even had tried speaking to a rep because I was having difficulty getting into the forums here and this person started off the conversation asking me what a forum is and had no idea what she was doing.  How many times did I have to keep telling this person that the system kept asking me to register as a new member?  It was taking so long that after about 40 minutes, I had to end the call.  I finally just had to figure it out myself.  And never mind that but if they can't get their act together for something so basic like debit card transactions, then a company like that doesn't deserve much more of my business. 

Once my minutes are about to run out, that does it.  I don't need this. 

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