I lost my phone time card

I called Verizon a little while back and asked if they could go ahead and fix my account where I wouldn't have to worry about this months bill for the $50 unlimited everything and they said that they couldn't do that...So I saved it on my computer, and wouldn't you know it the day comes when I'm ready to put my card on it my stupid computer crashes...I took it to a computer shop to see if they could fix it and they said that the harddrive was fried...So does this mean I lost $50???I pray to god not cause Verizon has been so good to me and I cant do without my phone do to health reasons in the family, and possibly myself. Please help.

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Re: I lost my phone time card
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What do you mean "you saved it on the computer" did you enter the pin number on the computer? If so did you keep the actual prepaid card?