I want to delete my Verizon Prepaid account.

Hey. Semi-former Verizon user here. I was wondering on how do I delete my Verizon Prepaid account as I have little to no interest with Verizon anymore. This is because my hotspot device has became the new family owner when I transferred my phone number to another carrier. It would be kind if someone here can give me some assistance for me to delete my prepaid account.

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Customer Service Rep

When it comes to Prepaid accounts, they more or less just cancel and close themselves out once enough time has passed without a payment made. While it pains us to hear you go, we do want to ensure you've got the information you're looking for. If you don't plan on keeping the phone number on the account and porting it out, you can just leave it alone and ensure no Autopay is active. 30 days after the last payment was made, the account will freeze, and then 61 days after that, the account and line will close down completely. *Matthew