Illegal Hotling by Verizon after charges disputed, unlawful debt collection
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As a consumer you have the right to dispute charges.  A company cannot engage in actions that will damage your reputation, business or cause other financial consequences if they are on notice that you have disputed charges.  They cannot engage in robocalls at all hours, day after day, that demand payment with no other options, and after you have disputed charges, they cannot continue to collect on the alleged debt.

For instance, if you are on a single account with two or more people, and one of them signs up for a new phone and then cancels it such that a "ETF" or early termination fee MAY apply, the account is not a joint and several account.  Verizon must go after the person who legally entered into the contract.  It cannot go after you just because you're the only one left in Verizon's account records.  Thats pretty black and white illegal.

So I have disputed exactly that.  If you want your ETF, go after the person civilly.  If you do so against me, its illegal.  Clearly Verizon's lawyers haven't read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act anytime recently.  Or federal law.

You are on notice.  I have answered your robocalls, spoken with your representatives on THREE occassions, disputed the amounts and told them, "Prove to me that I owe you a dime."  You told me that I would have to speak with the Fraud dept, and that they would call me, but they never did.  Today, I have no phone or data and its costing me financially.  I complain through their "chat" messaging and their response from a very rude CSR who refused to get a supervisor, go [removed] yourself, you're hotlined.

Typical verizon.

BTW, I am on a grandfathered unlimited plan.  I guess you want to get a $100 million dollar fine against you just like ATT for doing the same thing.  Talk about deceptive and criminal conspiracy on the part of a corporation.

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DCLawyer wrote:

For instance, if you are on a single account with two or more people, and one of them signs up for a new phone and then cancels

There  is one account owner, and all lines under that owner are the responsibility of the owner.  so, yes, if someone else you gave credentials to opens a new line or upgrades a line under the account, the account owner is responsible And Verizon is in its rights to go after you. 


Verizon doesn't care about their customers nor do they keep their word when you are supposed to have a credit.  If you try to get something in writing or even ask for a reference number, the customer service people will not provide ANYTHING.  If you try to get past the customer service 'Core' people or their supervisors, they will not provide any information either.  I have been trying to get a billing dispute resolved since May 2015, as well as get answers to why I received a empty box that supposedly was to have my broken phone returned. I then get charged for this phone, $215.00, but yet Verizon keeps it. (Which they probably fixed and then re-sold.) I have been asking for this phone back or provide a credit. Working with a Go Wireless store is just as bad....