Incoming call showing up Unavailable

I'm having a problem with my phone to where if anyone that I have programmed in my contacts show up unavailable when they call me. I tried resetting the phone, I called verizon and they said go get a software upgrade and I did that, they also told me if that doesn't work take it back to the store because it's the phone. So I went and got another phone and this one is doing the same thing. Anyone have any idea what's going on or what I need to do. Thanks!

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Verizon Employee

What a horrible inconvenience to have to deal with I would be glad to look into this for you. Are your contacts saved with a * number,number before the mobile number? If so please delete all but the mobile number and retry.


If you have already replaced the device then it has to be an account setting. Please call 888-294-6804 for technical prepay support. I'm sure they will be able to get the caller id feature turned back on.


Thank you