Incorrect Early Termination Fee

In February of 2022 I ported my phone number out of a business account (I was leaving a large company) and setup a new personal account. I wanted prepaid service. The account was incorrectly setup as postpaid, but I didn't know that until I received the first bill some days later. I never signed a contract and I brought my own phone that I purchased from Gazelle. It took many hours on the phone, but I was setup with a prepaid account. Some days go by and I get a bill for an early termination fee of $329.62. Obviously this is wrong because the postpaid account was incorrectly setup. I call to confirm and am told that yes its an error and would be fixed. Nicely, I get a credit on my account. 

The bills keep coming and I keep calling. Every month, "Yes, it was Verizon's error. We are sorry and will remove the charge. Don't worry about it." I've found out recently that the balance was sent to a collections agency. I called the collections agency and they said they checked with Verizon and its a valid charge so I have to pay it. They start to negotiate the fee with me, but I hang up. 

I've been trying to call Verizon all day. When I get through the menus, I get a message saying that they are unable to connect me to a representative and get disconnected. I try to chat, but I get transferred around and then eventually the chat disconnects. I've tried calling customer service, sales, business sales, PM through this forum, but cannot get in touch with a real person. I am incredibly frustrated and need help from a person at Verizon. 

Verizon incorrectly charged me an early termination fee, told me that the fee would be removed and even gave a credit for my inconvenience, and then sent the balance to a collections agency. Its affecting my credit and I've spent hours trying to get this resolved. I'm posting here because it seems like my last option. I don't know what else to do!