International Data Plan-Prepaid Plans

Returned from another absolutely wonderful adventure to Europe and SE Asia. I made arrangements for $40 data plan before leaving to avoid the expense of the last trip I had to Europe which was a misunderstanding of the international data plan.

I was home two weeks when the bill came in which was another misunderstanding of the international data plan. I understand charges are not definite until data used (rented) on foreign towers are compiled. I just know after I returned home it was similar to leaving the garden hose running. And I thought I had covered myself for preventable excess charges after returning from vacation.

My question:

Why is it not possible to have a prepaid international data plan before going abroad?

Do not be confused with prepaying the bill which is different. I would like to see service cut off when prepaid data is used up until one is able to refill the data plan. Prepaid international data plan would allow one to customize phone use around budget and allow others to spend as much as they prepaid in advance. People on tighter budget would be able to use a less expensive way (phone card) to communicate until funds are available to recharge prepaid data plan.

Receiving a text saying you have 10% of 4 Gigabytes of  50% of 10 terabytes of data is not getting informed.

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