International Service

I switched to Verizon pre-paid wireless less than 3 weeks ago so my daughter could have international cellular service while in Paris and Belgium (her current carrier didn't offer international service). I thought I was paying for a service that was simply a plan that was automatically paid every month at the same time and that was the reason for the SLIGHTLY cheaper rate.  I quickly discovered that what I got was grossly inferior service (Verizon personnel did not even mention there was a difference between pre-paid and regular plan coverage).   A total of 5 hours was spent talking to Verizon personnel to get my daughter's phone service working abroad, but we gave up after the 3rd day.  Then magically, 5 days into her trip she had service.  WE TRIED EVERYTHING THE VERIZON TECH SUPPORT SUGGESTED AND NOTHING WORKED UNTIL DAY 5 AND SHE WAS IN MAJOR EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS THAT HER FRIENDS WITH SPRINT HAD NO PROBLEM WITH.  My daughter will go back to Virgin mobile and my son and I will go back to Republic Wireless because they have GREAT domestic service.  We are already noticing the inferior domestic Verizon service with this plan.  And we pay less with our former carriers.  I will never ever go back to Verizon wireless.  The worst!!!

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