Is Unlocked Motorola G4 Supported on VZW 4G LTE - 11-26-2016

I want to join VZW network via prepaid BYOD process. Motorola says all Moto G4 models are unlocked and supported on VZW. However, lots of discussion in Motorola forums saying VZW is NOT recognizing these models. Looking for some resolution as to whether or not there is support and if not is any support forthcoming? I went to Best Buy and copied the IMEI from a Motorola G4 and inserted it during the device check portion of the BYOD process and VZW responded that the device is not supported. I didn't see that this issue had been raised in VZW community but has caused substantial discussion on the Motorola side.

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Re: Is Unlocked Motorola G4 Supported on VZW 4G LTE - 11-26-2016
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laser598 Helping you get your device working on our Network. Currently I'm showing it's not a phone that will activate on our Network. However, if you have a Verizon SIM and the device ID we can test it for you.

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