Is anyone else having a horrible experience with prepaid

First they gave me a number in November and I made the initial payment in December. Come to find out they gave the number to someone else. I made a cash deposit at a verizon store. The store wouldn't give me a refund. I called their customer service line was on the phone for two hours. I have a lady named Natalie (removed) working my case. A month in a half later she is asking for the receipt. Now I don't have it cause it was washed. Apparently they are going to steal my funds and allow the person who now owns the number have a free month of service. Horrible customer service, they didn't even advise me the number was given to someone else.

2nd. I paid for unlimited talk and text with 500mb a month.. Once the 500mb's ran out, I was unable to text out unless I was near a WiFi. They helped me out and gave me an additional 500mb for my troubles. But was never applied. I had to call again and stay on hold for 30 minutes until the mb's were made available. Then come billing day they wanted to charge me for those free mb's, I was on the phone again for another 30 minutes. Nothing but a freaking headache. and I'm out 60 bucks.. Gotta love verizon..

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