Is the signal coverage differnt for pre-paid plans?

When I signed up for the prepaid plan, I was told there would be no difference however, that was not true. There is a significant difference. I used Verizon for over 20 years and never had an issue with signal coverage, no matter where I was.  Now, I have found myself stuck in an area and can’t get my GPS to work or I’ve been in a mall parking lot and can’t get coverage to see what stores are in the area. Even at home, I’ve had trouble logging into a zoom meeting. I repeat, I never had those issues before the prepaid plan.  I am really angry with Verizon because they lied to me before I switched. I considered switching back, but I don’t want to switch back to regular Verizon, because I think they treated me, a long term customer extremely poorly. I am considering switching to a different plan.  

Re: Is the signal coverage differnt for pre-paid plans?
Customer Service Rep

Hello! There should be no difference in the coverage between Prepaid and Postpaid. There can be a difference depending on what type of phone you are using, but it has nothing to do with Prepaid or Postpaid. What type of phone did you purchase? And, is your Data Roaming turned on? That can improve coverage.