Issue with verizon prepaid cards

A few months ago I bought a deactivated android phone to use mainly for music + apps and app development. A couple days ago I decided to activate this phone with Verizon since it was eligible, and I signed up with their $60 per month prepaid plan for unlimited talk+text and 500mb of data. However, I decided that I wanted to pay for this using refill cards instead of entering my C.C. info online -- but now it seems that instead of that balance being used to pay for the plan, I'm getting charged 25c for every minute on talk from my balance. I don't see an option to take the money from my balance to apply it towards the plan anywhere on the MyVerizon page. My balance is still above $60 right now, but I'm worried that if I keep making calls or texts, my balance is just gonna continuously drop below $60 and keep charging me per call as opposed to the unlimited minutes per month I'm supposed to have. It even says on the card, "For existing customers with active prepay service".....which is what I have. So what's going on here, how do I fix this?

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Well there are issues with the refill cards, and Verizon's systems for that matter. I've found that the best way to use the pin cards is to apply them to the acct via customer care. Sometimes the plan will not take the money like it should, and it is kept in your balance. You are right to worry about getting charged the $.25 per minute rate, if your balance does drop below $60, its not going to renew until you get it back up to $60. To fix the error you would need to call in to Verizon customer care. And then when they say they have it fixed, double check your balance to make sure the money went into the plan.