Last bill - cancelled - month to month

Hi all!  I know this may seem like a stupid question but my contract terminated a while ago and I have been on month-to-month.  I am now having to cancel service (my spouse is not working and having to cut expenses anyplace I can) - I see online that I have a bill due (07/05) - for the full amount of service (almost $300).  Do I pay that amount or is that the amount that would be due if I kept my contract?  I know it seems I should know this answer - but I just pay the bill and am not sure if I'm paying for service in advance.  Any assistance is appreciated - thanks & have a great day!

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Re: Last bill - cancelled - month to month
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Verizon bills in advance. If you cancel before your next invoice you would not owe them anything.  Many people fall for that pay the invoice and get a refund. If its in advance then you come out even.  Good Luck