Looking for quality customer service for prepaid

Sad to learn that nothing has changed with Verizon since this post. After buying 2 new phones from a 3rd party and my S/O switching to a smart phone from a basic phone, we "migrated" to Prepaid after many years of being on a postpaid monthly plan and paying our bill via auto-deduct from our debit card on the advice of a Verizon rep who said we could get more data for the same price. He also said it would be no problem to get a SIM card we needed for one of the phones. 8 hours on the phone, 10-12 representatives, 1 chat session and 4 store visits to 3 different stores later (2 visits to the same store because they gave us the wrong SIM card) we were finally able to buy a SIM card.

We were originally told we could have both our phone lines on the same account which would save us about $10. They did not put the accounts together and now when I call they say we have to wait until the next billing cycle. At prepaid we seem to be getting lower quality service. I couldn't hear the rep the first time I called due to all the background noise. That never happened on postpaid. They also deleted our account and never told us that this would be the result of switching to prepaid. If I want customer service without wading through menu after menu of recorded messages (always starting with info about billing and how to pay) I have to call Sales and start from there.

We should have been warned that Prepaid is a either different company or whatever it is that gives such terrible customer service. I am leaving out a lot of details about how poorly we have been treated. I do want to thank one rep named P.J. who understood and wanted to stay on the phone with me while I drove 7 or 8 miles to the Verizon store so he could explain the situation and get it resolved. Unfortunately, I called from my more reliable land line so I couldn't do that.

Can anyone at Verizon...besides P.J. help and give us more than just excellent lip service (reps waste a lot of time apologizing from a script over and over and that feels meaningless...stop doing that)? I anyone can help, please contact us before we find another provider. We just want our phones on the same account like they have been all these years. Right now the wrong name is associated with my phone number and I don't know how to find info about the other number on the account.

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