Messed up payment

So I am currently dealing with a situation that Is making me more aggitated. I have tried to talk to customer service three times with messing with the automated services for over three hours, the problem is that I got a New phone and changed my number over with three days left on my month. So I went ahead and bought another one, so I thought everything was ok since I bought the 45 dollar unlimited talk and text plan. Well. Come to find out it wasn't usuing the payment as what I got but was charging me 20 cents to the point where my account is empty when I have the payment of the month before the one that messed up still going for unlimited call and text. And I even checked for roaming was on and it wasn't. I've never had this problem because I honestly don't use my phone that much but for music and family and work. So I don't know what's going on because now my phone has no service. How can I get my money back for what I paid for and didn't even get to use, I can't afford not having a phone for work and my bills drained my money. So what do I do?

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Re: Messed up payment
Customer Service Rep

I know its upsetting to be with out working service Johnpowers99. Its important that you have communication for work and family . Have you tried calling our Prepaid department? They will discuss the issue with you and what needs to be done to fix it. Their contact number is 1-888-294-6804 .

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