Mobile Hotspot
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I've found several places in various locations on Verizon sights that conclude that my plan should come along with Mobile Hotspot tethering and a few locations that say it should not. Back when I first adopted this data plan, back then it definitely was included and currently I'm finding mixed sources of information along the lines of whether Mobile Hotspot should be included in this plan but one of the strongest indicators of proof that my plan should include Mobile Hotspot tethering is right under the 'My Plan' or 'Plan Details' page on My Verizon where it says very plainly and clearly that it's included in my plan and yet customer service tells me it isn't and I can't activate it in settings.


So, I want to know why I'm receiving mixed answers about the presence or lack of presence of Mobile Hotspot tethering in my plan.. Right under my plan details, it says very clearly that my plan includes Mobile Hotspot but customer service claim that it does not. So, which is it? Why can't I use Mobile Hotspot even though it's explicitly stated in my plan that it's included in it?