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Question 1: I just signed on to the Basic Monthly $50 plan which says it includes unlimited mobile web. But in some places on the site I see it says there is actually a charge of $1.99MB. I don't actually need mobile web but I tried it out yesterday and since then the little data arrows on my phone keep flashing, even though I turned the phone off and back on. I am afraid I am being charged extra when they are flashing.

Question 2: I have the LG Cosmos 50. If I want to add mobile email (I would want to use Gmail) to my current basic monthly plan, how much would it cost?

Thank you.

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Re: Mobile Web & Mobile Email
Customer Service Rep

Dear DuckDogMom,

Good afternoon. Congrats on your recent phone and plan purchase. We are excited to have you. Knowing your plan details is very important.

Did you start a pre-paid plan with us or a contract post-paid account? If you are on a Nationwide basic plan, you may add a $10.00 data plan for 75MB a month. When exceeding the 75 MB allowance you are billed at $10.00 per 75MB. To view our calling plans please visit . Should you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank You,
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