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I upgraded my prepaid cell to the LG vx5600. I'm on the basic plan as I was in the old phone. There is a block on Mobile Web.


On my My Verizon account is states Mobile Web .99 and GetitNow are 'services' on this account. When I called to ask about removing the block, I was told I would have to upgrade up to the $45.00 mo. prepaid plan to get the Mobile Web .99. I got nowhere asking the CS rep why my account info said on thing a she says another. I certainly willing to pay for these services as advertised on my account. As it stands now, I cannot even download a game where I could with the old phone under the same basic plan and this phone has more features.


Anyone have any insight into this discrepancy. I was under the impression I could remove the block and pay the rates as advertised . All I took away for the call to the CS rep was that none of the daily prepaid plans support Mobile Web or GetItNow.






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Re: Mobile Web on Prepaid
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Click on the Media Center Website and it will give you detailed info. You do not need to upgrade to a $45. account. How to Use Guide: Mobile Web

With Mobile Web, get access to the best of the Web, on the go, at your fingertips. Get the latest News, Weather and Sports information, access your emails or manage your stock portfolio, all without being on your computer.

You can find out if your handset has Mobile Web by visiting the Media Center website.

Launch Mobile Web

From your handset's Main screen, find the Web browser using the center navigation key and press "OK". You will know that you are connected to Mobile Web when the VZWToday page appears on your phone's display.

Re: Mobile Web on Prepaid

I am having same issue with the mobile web since Verizon came out with their new plans "" I'm supposed to be able to have 500 Mb of data for my dumb phone.. Does anyone know what the heck is going on with Verizon prepaid?? If not then I'm going with another carrier if they can't seem to get this straight....