Monthly plans and account balance display?
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I have a question...I understand that the $50/mo. plan will keep your home screen's account balance display from updating...would that also be true if you were on one of the daily plans or the minute plan, but you subscribed to one of the MONTHLY text bundles? Just wondering, since I may eventually get the $10/mo. bundle...the documentation that came with the phone stated that "the Account Balance Display is not compatible with the Monthly Plans" (plural)...

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Re: Monthly plans and account balance display?
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I'm not sure just what your asking but will answer what I think your asking, lol. The Daily prepaid plans even with a 10.00  or $20.00 text package will still show the account balance and date your next payment is due, there night be some phones that don't have that option but most due. If this is not what your asking let me know. Minnie