My new Moto Z2 Play does not work. Worked for less than 24 hrs, then stopped.

Bought this phone on Verizon online. I also purchased $40.00 for $20.00 screen protector from local Verizon store. They are the ones who activated phone. It worked fine, I'd say, for less than 24 hrs, maybe longer. Then something appeared on screen & phone was locked. I spoke to agent at Verizon online, for a good while. She couldn't do anything with it & tried her very best. Said to bring phone to a store & they should be able to fix it. I I did as told & was then told to return phone for a replacement. Should I leave on screen protector or take off & will it be my loss or should Verizon cover. I need to call someone about this but this is the only way of communication I have, besides computer, & it doesn't work. Any thoughts of what I should do, for instance, go to another store or just mail it back. Whichever, I have to go to town to make phone call, as I live out in the country.

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Re: My new Moto Z2 Play does not work. Worked for less than 24 hrs, then stopped.
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So sorry to hear about the troubles with the new phone, ruthcallais1004. When did you purchase the screen protector? If you purchased within 14 days it can be returned to the store. Also, could you clarify what you mean by "locked"? Do you mean that the phone requires a Google account login or is the numeric pin code/password not working? What is the make and model of the phone?




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