My nightmare with Verizon
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Monday 10/17/22:  After no less than 6 hours on the phone and being transferred over to no less than 8 agents I thought I had everything done in setting up a new prepaid plan. My bank account was charged in advance for a month's service.  I was told my new SIM would arrive in 2 days.

Wed. 10/19/22:  Called the agent at towards the end of the day asking where is my SIM?  Spoke and transferred again by no less than 3 agents.

Th. 10/20/22:  SIM finally arrived, when plugged into the phone it recognized the Verizon network but not able to make/receive calls or text.

Fr. 10/21/22:  Spoke again with Prepaid Care. Second agent transferred to was friendly and did everything she could to help but we spent no less than 2 hours on the phone.  The "porting" department had still not worked out the porting of my old number over. Then, after waiting for another 3 hours to get that resolved the agent calls back saying that the plan that I had signed up and was billed for on Monday was no longer available since yesterday and that the charges had increased.  I said I had signed up on Monday and it wasn't my fault that they could not complete the activation by now, 5 days later and that I wanted to be activated for the plan and charges I had signed up before the change. She could or would not do it.  Asked for a supervisor who kept me on waiting on the phone again for at least 1/2 hour and promised she would call when the matter was resolved. She never did. Now I am out of phone service and on travel for several days. I won't be able to deal with this until I return late next week, who has time to be on the phone with these people trying to fix such mess? 

Honestly, I should have hung up and gone back to my old provider after the first difficulty 5 days ago but had faith in the system. The system has failed. Now I have no service for the next week, and will probably have to call again in a week to cancel the signup and try to get the bank charge reversed. Another nightmare is what I'm expecting.

This is what happens when companies get so big with no competition. I've had better service from cell phone providers in 3rd world countries, no lie!  How can a company survive this long or at all with such poor service?

Re: My nightmare with Verizon
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It is disheartening to hear of the difficulty you've had with getting your devcie activated, we can gladly assist with any service or account concerns you have today. We will be creating a Private Note to continue working with you in a secured setting, please be on the lookout for it!