My paid my $40 pre paid payment, 2 days later it says it needs paid again

Two days ago it took $40 from my bank account to pay my pre paid phone, two days later my phone was shut off and says it needs a payment but I already paid it. I don't want to have to call Verizon cause it's always a pain, please help.

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Re: My paid my $40 pre paid payment, 2 days later it says it needs paid again
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Oh gosh, I'm sorry you're having issues with prepaid services. The last thing we want is for you to have to pay again when you already did.


I understand your hesitation about calling, but unfortunately our Prepaid department does not monitor our community forums, and we do not have access to prepaid.


While logged into your My Verizon prepaid account, there is now a live chat option, or you can stop in a corporate Verizon store:


If you decide to call, you can use these steps to get connected to a live agent quickly:

1. Dial 888-294-6804
2. Enter 1 for English.
3. Enter your telephone number.
4. Will advise you your balance.
5. Press option number 2 for anything else.
6. Then listen for option number 7 for other options.
7. Then it will ask you to speak your reason for calling.
8. When it asks for the reason for calling enter the number 7.
9. Then press option number 3 to speak to a representative.


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