Need help with a prepaid refund


On November 3 from Australia, I tried to set up a prepaid account on an existing phone and sim. I received an order confirmation, and was charged $50. I agreed to the recurring charge, so i am worried that I will be charged again on December 3.

The order didn't go through. I never got a phone number, so I can't enter the phone number when i try to call for help. I only have the order number.

When I try to call for help, and finally get a customer service rep, they transfer me several times and then the phone hangs up, it is very frustrating.

I arrived in the US yesterday, and went to a store. The salesperson said that the sim was no longer usable. I don't know why the ordering system let me place the order if the sim wasn't usable.

I was able to get a prepaid plan and a new sim at the store yesterday, but of course I want a refund of that $50 (it is ok to apply that to my new account) and don't want the recurring charge.

can anyone help?

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