New Verizon Plan Vs Prepaid
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Could some one tell me the difference of the two. I will only need one line. What is the fee for bringing your own smart phone. Does verizon use the same network for both plans?... Seems like individual plan for prepaid may be better, especially if you auto enroll... But i didn't see that there is a cost to bring your own phone per month for prepaid.  Meaning its always 45 plus taxes etc... vs 60 plus taxes etc for the "new plan" Is this correct? thanks!

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Re: New Verizon Plan Vs Prepaid

For a single line you are better off going prepaid route.

Prepaid - $45 for 1 GB data and unlimited talk and text. No fee for the phone that you bring + 1 GB free with autopay

New My Verizon Plan - $30 for 1 GB and $20 for the phone =$50

There are a few things you get with the postpaid plan, such as NFL, and better roaming. But if you don't specifically want that, prepaid deal is better.