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I looked at the Verizon FAQ to request a new phone number, but I do not have the My Verizon > Devices > Change Mobile Number option in my prepaid account page.  Is there a way to request a new phone number online with the prepaid service?

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you can actually do either of this 2.

1.) call customer service (888-294-6804) just provide your mobile number and security code and the representative will do the process for you. it will take around 5 minutes and they would only ask you to do a test call with #832.


2.) call *611, it will route you to 4 options.

opt1. payment with refill card
opt2. payment with debit/credit card
opt3. balance and usage
opt4. changes and questions

press opt 4.

it will route you again to a different options that you can choose from.

opt1. plan and feature change
opt2. security code, voicemail password change
opt3. balance transfer and device change
opt4. mdn change
opt5. tech support location and billing inquiry
opt.7 main menu

press opt 4 again to do a number change.

hope it will help you Smiley Happy

Re: New phone number
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Now, if I do an MDN change...will I lose my promotions attached to my current MDN?  There is some language in my promotions suggesting they are tied to the MDN.

Thank you so much for your help iknowwhatimsaying!

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Let’s be certain on this, shaun4321, as we definitely don’t wish to have any surprises lurking around the corner for you. I do know in postpaid accounts there is no promotional changes when a Phone Number change is completed, so I would imagine prepaid follows suit. I would suggest inquiring about this when calling the number in iknowwhatimsaying’s post.  This way an expert on prepaid services will have your exact answer.
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