New prepaid line, got VZW text that says it's been removed.

I currently have a prepaid, and added a new line. I received a shipping info, and got the email with the new number. The new line is for an unlocked iPhone X.

Order confirmation and new line phone number emails:

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

SIM is shipping and expected to be received on Friday and activated.

In My Verizon app, initially the number is there, I see two lines.

Original My Verizon screenshot:

An hour later after seeing that, I received a text that says: 

VZW FREE MSG: As requested, we've moved <my new line> off your Prepaid Family account. Renew your new $ plan by . See details: 

Text Message screenshot:

I'm pretty sure didn't call 611 or did in the app to remove it. I checked My Verizon, the number is no longer there, I see only my line, with a $30 credit. Not sure what to make of this whether it's safe to ignore. 

My Verizon app screenshot:

What do I do when I get the new line SIM?