New prepaid phone and number

I'm from overseas, and bought a simple basic phone and pre paid plan when I was in the States in the summer. I only use the thing for texting. I have about $25 in credit on it which expires in a few days time.


I bought a better phone on a pre paid plan again now I am here permenantly and was told by the salesman I could transfer my credit from my old phone over to my new phone and number.


Anyone have any idea how I can do that? Searched for ages with no luck.

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Re: New prepaid phone and number
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As long as your keeping the same cell  phone number the credit balance will automatically go with the  phone number. You can call customer service at 1-888-294-6804 if you have any problems. But once you activate the new phone with the same cell phone number the credit balance should show up on your account within a day or two.