Nightmare dealing with Verizon Prepaid

I ordered a CPO IPhone 4 16GB CPO online.  The first time I made a call - to Verizon to activate account- there were issues with the calling feature of the phone, i.e. the receiving party could not or barely could hear me.  What happened next was a Customer Service nightmare.  After days of  calling, getting stuck in the never ending automated loop, getting disconnected, being transferred from dept to dept, being given different info. by different people, I finally arrived at what I BELIEVE to be the correct info.   Verizon will not send a replacement phone for the broken one.  My options are to A) go into my local store and buy another one.  But since the local stores cannot sell the 4, it would cost me another $100 to upgrade to the 4s.  (Please note, Verizon:  Not my fault you sent me a broken phone)  B) Send the phone back to them, have them process it for repair, make any necessary repairs or exchanges, then wait for it to come back to me.  All the while I am without a phone (Again, Verizon, not my fault you sent me a broken phone) C) Order/purchase another phone, activate with my current # (the one I have had for YEARS and just ported into Verizon 2 days ago), and then ship back the broken phone for refund - but OH, YEA! when the broken phone is received at Verizon, they will disconnect the line and I will be issued a new number by Verizon. (Verizon, do you understand it is not my fault you sent me a broken phone?)  The Customer Service I have received over the past few days has been horrible.  I will say, though, that except for the two women I spoke with near the end of this experience (one of which was an Internet Order Sales Manager) everyone has been understanding of my frustration. (Two of them got frustrated themselves after getting the same experience with they tried to help me by transferring me to the right dept and getting stuck in the same loop of auto system and transfers.)  I have told all of them that my frustation it not with them, but with the Verizon Prepaid system.  The Manager I spoke to actually accused ME of being unprofessional - after everything I have been through with Verizon??? I'm unprofessional??  I have opted for option #4) port my number back to Straighttalk Plan with Verizon towers, who has always done what they said and given me good customer service, and who I only left in order to get a "good deal" on a CPO Iphone 4.  Now I am at Verizon's mercy while I wait to see if Verizon will charge me a restocking fee.  Before you buy a Prepaid Verizon service, I suggest you check them out Straighttalk FIRST, or USCellular.  You don't hear a lot about them but they have as good a coverage as Verizon or better, at least in my area, have excellent customer service, good prices, AND they have Iphones. I was with them for over 10 yrs previously. Now that Verizon no longer has the monopoly on IPhones, there are a lot of good options available. This has been a nightmare and has cost me 3 days of my life (did I mention that it wasn't my fault Verizon sent me a broken phone?), yet Verizon feels no responsibility to make this right.  Their policies and endless automated loops, which sometimes end with "sorry you are having trouble.  Goodbye" after being in the loop and on hold for eternity- indicate what little respect they have for their Prepaid Customers.

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