No internet, FB, or email

I have a Blackberry Bold 9650, it was just taken off my ex b/f's acct and activated as a prepaid last Friday, July 1.  I still cannot get on internet.  I cannot load Facebook, browser, or my email.  It won't even load set up menu's.  I have the $30 data plan, so I shouldn't have any problem.  I never had any problem like this when I was on my ex's plan and I'm still in the same place.  I also have to re-enter the 10 digit phone number after I dial it for it to make the call.  This is very inconvenient as makes using speed dial useless since I have to re-enter the number anyways.  I also did not have this problem when I was on my ex's plan.  Any idea's how to fix this?  Greatly appreciated!!

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Re: No internet, FB, or email
Verizon Employee

Hi badgergirl92069! Sorry about the data connection problems. It's tough to say what could be causing the failures. I would confirm data connectivity at the handset level by going to Manage Connections > Mobile Network Options > confirm that Data Services has been set to "On". If you've done that, then I recommend contacting the prepaid customer service team to confirm provisioning of data for your line.