No support on prepaid plans


I just wanted to pass my experience with support on my prepaid plan. I live in a high rise in Chicago and understand that signals are weaker in these types of buildings. Since I switched to Verizion 2 months ago, I have had connection problems and dropped calls. Sometimes I can get a signal, but I cannot depend on it for making or receiving calls or texts. 3 weeks ago I was not able to use my phone in my apartment and kept getting dropped calls all weekend and ended up using Skype. I made several attempts at calling support. I was told to buy one of those little plastic things that you put on the phone. I've read that these don't work well, and have not purchased one. Finally, I went back to the Verizon store that I bought the phone and plan from and the rep was kind enough to call the support center for me. After explaining the issue about the signal the support technician The tech said that Verizon supports full service plans to provide a stronger signal and fulfill their needs. He hung up on me after he told that prepaid plans get a weaker signal when I asked why.  Even the rep was surprised when she asked me if he hung up on me as I was holding the phone. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. In the meantime, I kept asking support for assistance in maybe finding a signal booster or some solution, and in an online chat the signal booster was suggested to me. I paid $275 for this and when I received it, I promptly set it up and did not receive a connection after leaving it on for 3 days. The error was at 8ga where it explained that it could not connect to the network. Last Friday, Cliff from Executive Services emailed me and I called him to explain the situation. He mentioned that he would have a tech call me that evening to walk me through the set up again. I never heard from the tech and emailed Cliff to let him know. Cliff responded to me saying that the tech tried to call but couldn't get through (do you see where this is going?). Apparently, the tech explained to Cliff that the signal booster I purchased from Verizon does not work on prepaid plans. So, he asked me to return the booster for a full refund.

This is take on Verizon's prepaid plan: DON'T BUY IT. This whole experience has been very stressful and I am looking for another service. Verizon should not offer prepaid plans if they won't give the same signal service or support or even a signal booster just because I don't use much data. I plan to file another complaint with various organizations because this sounds like discrimination to me.

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