Oddity that needs an explanation: Why does Verizon offer the MiFi 4G Mobile HotSpot on a prepaid plan, but it does not allow 4G smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 5 on prepaid?

Why does Verizon offer he MiFi 4G/LTE Mobile HotSpot on a prepaid service plan, but does NOT allow 4G / LTE capable smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone 5, on its prepaid services? This seems very odd to me and there doesn't seem to a logical basis for it. I currently have the 8GB iPhone 4 on Verizon prepaid services and I have not had any service issues- it was moved from an expired contract plan to prepaid services. Anyway, I keep thinking at some point in the future Verizon will offer a 4G/LTE prepaid service plan. Should this happen within the future - I would consider purchasing a Verizon iPhone 5 for use on prepaid services. It is not the newest phone on the market, but it is newer than the phone I currently have and would be a welcome upgrade.

Any answers would be gratefully appreciated.



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