Offers for Data Plans
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I have been a Verizon customer for over 20 years.  Three years ago I upgraded to a Family Plan and added the phones for my parents to my plan.  I chose the 6 GB data plan and paid $60 per month.  In the last few weeks, I researched other phone carriers and all of them had lower prices, even for unlimited data plans.  I contacted Verizon to find out if there were any better rates for my account.  After taking eight minutes to explain over & over what I was requesting.... and then telling the Rep I would probably switch to a different mobile carrier, he told me... yes, there was a new plan available THAT DAY for loyal customers age 55 or over.  He could switch my account to unlimited data for the same price of $60 per month.  I asked him how long that plan had been available, and he said for some time.  I asked why no one at Verizon had ever informed me of this lower rate for a data plan, and he said it was UP TO ME to ALWAYS BE CHECKING my account online to find a better rate.  My friends use AT&T for their mobile plan and they receive notifications when they are eligible for a better rate.  I did sign up that day for the lower data plan rate, but I have to wait 7 days to the next billing cycle before I get the unlimited data.  So it seems to me Verizon doesn't care whether they keep their customers or not.  Also---- a few times I have exceeded the prior monthly 6GB of data by a small amount and had to pay a fee for going over.  I asked if those fees could be refunded to me, and he said no.  On top of some other issues I encountered with Verizon this week, I am seriously considering changing carriers.  I am NOT HAPPY with Verizon.