On my usage the number 1130 and then my num ber in calls what is this

On my usage it shows1130 and the. My number as a dialed call what is this

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Re: On my usage the number 1130 and then my num ber in calls what is this
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Johnny224r, we thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I experienced this issue a while ago myself. This appears to be an example of Spoofing. False Caller ID/Caller ID “Spoofing” is a technique that allows a caller to change the caller identification associated with their number. Spoofing is not caused by an error in the network or your phone. Rather spoofing usually happens when the calling party uses any one of a number of pay services (such as Spooftel, Spoofer, and Spoof Card, etc.,), which provide a service that enables the calling party to change the message, sent as Caller ID.


Apps offered by third parties that are not affiliated with Verizon offer the ability to manipulate or "spoof" the Share 

Name ID that appears to the person receiving your call. To view additional helpful information about Spoofing, please visit our website at: http://vz.to/2DibozD. Once you've accessed the website please scroll down to Question #10. I hope this is helpful. - RobertC_VZW


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