Online Full Price to BYOP

I am currently on prepaid plan with Verizon on my Motorola phone and it is sadly beginning to have problems. I need a new one. But the problem is that most of the phones they have available on prepaid right now are sucky or pre-owned and I am NOT about to buy somebody else's old phone. So I was wondering is it possible to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 full price from them online and activate it with the BYOP plan? I have looked all over the internet trying to see if anyone has done this before but apparently I am the only one who has had this idea. Or maybe I am mistaken about how BYOP works? They really don't give enough details.....

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Re: Online Full Price to BYOP

Yes, you can buy any phone full price and activate it on prepaid.  That's what BYOP is about...already having a phone.  I brought my contract G2 over to Prepaid after contract was over.