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I have been informed after on-line chats with Miles, Kayle and Mikela that my prepaid service has been suspended after too many credit card updates.  WHAT??  I have had this plan for a long time, always deposited the same amount every month with the same credit card.  My personal info is the same and my credit card company assures me everything is fine.  The only person who uses this phone is me and no one has access to my account.  Don't bother to call to ask a live representative because all you will get is sheer automated frustration and disconnects.  Believe me, I have tried over 20 times in less then 24 hours.  How can such a huge corporation make something SO minor as a $5.00 deposit to an account SO mind-boggling frustrating.  I have never had any company turn down my money; but if you live long enough, I guess you'll see everything.  Mr Bezos never has a problem with my money.


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