Paid bill and phone shut off
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So fudging angry.... Paid my bill because I didn't get my deposit in quick enough for my auto pay. But, anyhow at midnight my phone service was disconnected for non payment. It shows my available balance and I'm in the positive more than enough to pay the bill but, it WILL NOT give me the option to apply it to my account and keeps saying I need to make another payment to restore service. I EVEN ADDED EXTRA DATA that I'm not getting!!! I'm an Uber driver and I lost out on so much money because of this. NO CUSTOMER SERVE AVAILABLE AFTER MIDNIGHT SO I CAN'T GET TURNED BACK IN UNTIL MORNING ..... RIDICULOUS.... I'm so about to switch provider's. I've had nothing but problems last 2 months.

Re: Paid bill and phone shut off
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Autopay is typically 2-3 days on average BEFORE your due date. Your account isn't considered outstanding until at least around 2 weeks+ past due to even risk disruption. That's more than enough time to pay before the due date and after to avoid an outstanding balance.


This thread is suggesting you were shut off shortly after an auto draft would have taken place and that's not how it works.


Edit: Didn't notice this was in prepaid, different ball game. Maybe consider dumping prepaid to get the above extra convenience?

Re: Paid bill and phone shut off
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Goddess1121, being able to keep your account in a current state is always important and we definitely want to help make sure that you can get this all resolved. For better assistance, please contact our Financial Service team at 866-266-1445 between the following hours:

Sat 8:00AM - 8:00PM ET

Mon-Fri 7:00AM - 12:00AM ET