Pantech caper
Can the pantech be used on my regular plan?
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Re: Pantech caper
Verizon Employee

Hello Jplwin92,


I appreciate you reaching out to the community with this concern. The Pantech Caper is an excellent device and has a lot of impressive features. It's hard to believe that it's not a smartphone. Since you are interested in using this device on a post paid account, I have posted the requirement to migrate a prepaid device to post paid service. They are as follows.

  • have active Prepaid service for at least six months,
  • pass a credit check and/or pay any required security deposit,
  • have an active Prepaid MDN (Mobile Directory Number) in the billing system,
  • provide the Prepaid account security code at time of activation, and 
  • have (or buy) e911-compliant equipment. 

May I ask have you attempted to activate this device to a post paid account? If so, what was the results? Please share so I can further assist. 


Thank you...