Payed my 35 dollar prepaid card

Just payed my prepaid cell phone today of 35 dollars and says that the balance was added to my phone. It was even taken out of my account also which does not say (PENDING). It was taken out automatically. I've talked to three people today at they couldn't really resolve my problem. I'm not paying another 35 dollars to put on my phone when I already paid for it the first time at 9:30am. Didn't work the first time said there was an error so i redid it and that's when it worked. Right when I wanted to send a text it said I had insufficient funds on my phone. How is that possible when I payed the bill. I'm not a stupid person when I called them and they ask are you sure it doesn't say pending. Gee I called the bank up and they said it automatically took the money out of the account. SO VERIZON PLEASE EXPLAIN THAT ONE! I'd like my phone on please. I payed it and i believe my phone should be on already. This is the first time this has ever happened to me and I'm tired of talking to so called customer service about it. 

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