Phone will not activate pop up message and roaming

I got a Samsung J1 at walmart along with a 45 dollar card and I cannot get this thing to work. I went through the process of activating it based on the user manual. After the phone rebooted I keep getting a pop up saying that the activation was not complete and to contact customer service. Well the phone is constantly roaming so when I make calls I get that recording that directs you to buy 15 minutes of roaming minutes. I did that and finally got a rep on the phone only to have her not help me at all. She told me that the prepaid phones have inferior signal to contract phones because there are less towers and that to get the phone to finish the activation process I needed to go someplace with a better signal and keep restarting the phone until it worked. Or go to Verizon and get help. Well my fiancé did that and all they told him to do was enter #66 something and enter the code on the prepaid card or the phone I really don't know but after doing what they told him to do it STILL does not work.

If the phone is going to roam in my location then fine I will add extra money to my account to pay roaming fees but it seems like this phone will not even activate. We have driven around town with it and tried and still I get the pop up telling me that I need to contact customer service because the activation was incomplete.

I set up a my Verizon account and it clearly shows my phone and my 45 dollar plan.

I also got a pop up once telling me the sim card is not recognized or something to that effect and that was after I tried to do a different method of activation by typing the code I got online.

Can someone PLEASE give me some clue and to what the heck to do. I personally would have stayed at Verizon until they resolved my issue but my fiancé waited a long time and did not have time to wait around he had things to do.

If I need to go back I will. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could please help me.

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