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Senior Citizen couple and Verizon users for almost 20 years.

Current bill not reflecting discount for auto pay PLUS it appears it has not been applied for years. Fios not available in our area at all. AT&T and CelluarONe seem to have improved SENIOR PRICING plan available, and we can upgrade phones and keep same cell # at no charge and receive lower monthly fees as well...attractive overall offer.

Historical bill runs $197.61/month including Verizon cloud and mobile protect and GO UNLIMITED PLAN/NOTE 8 phones

Phone 1-- Minutes logged 552 of unlimited : Messages logged 1099 of unlimited. Data usage 1.27GB of unlimited. Includes Verizon Cloud 600GB and Verizon Mobile protect

Phone 2--Minutes logged 47 of unlimited : Messages logged 400 of unlimited. Data usage 0.01 GB of unlimited.

Includes Verizon Cloud250GB and Verizon Mobile protect; VERIZON cloud raising this to 5.99/month for 600GB

Verizon forcing to move to new plan overall.

We use primarily for phone , texting, internet lookup and pictures. We do NOT use for music or streaming.


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Hi! We want to make sure our customers are able to take advantage of all discounts! Please send us a Private Note, to take a closer look.