Plan seems to have ended early?
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I just activated a $15.00 prepaid plan on Dec 15.  Today, Dec 28, I could not make any calls - and when I checked my account online, I couldn't tell if anything was wrong or not. I had about 90 minutes of talk time and 10 messages listed in my usage - for a plan that is supposed to allow up to 300 minutes or messages, to a combined maximum of "300".  What gives? I couldn't use my phone until I switched to the $30 unlimited pre-paid plan and paid up - as soon as the payment was approved, I could use my phone again.

I'm only 12 days into my original 30 day/300 min/text plan and only showing a total of 100 minutes + messages, but when I tried to call the power company to let them know the power had gone out, all I got was a message saying I needed to contact verizon.  Flooding everywhere, and my wife cannot get through to check local road conditions before she comes home from work?!?  What gives?

1.  Was I, in fact, out of minutes & texts? If so, HOW CAN I SEE THAT WHEN I CHECK MY ACCOUNT?  It showed a $0.00 balance, and still does.

2. IF not, was there a signal outage due to the local rains and flooding? If so, HOW CAN I SEE THAT WHEN I CHECK MY ACCOUNT?

3. IF not, What was wrong, and HOW CAN I SEE THAT WHEN I CHECK MY ACCOUNT?  Being able to tell what is wrong makes it less likely that I will try to call / text / chat with a Verizon rep to resolve the issue.

THank you,

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Re: Plan seems to have ended early?
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Dennismevans, it's great to hear that you activated your prepaid service here with us and let' get to work on getting this issue resolved with your account. You can contact our Prepaid department at 888-294-6804 and I'm confident they will be able to get this resolved for you.

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