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I have a prepaid plan.  It says: unlimited GB $50/mo

Originally $60/mo

$10/mo loyalty discount 

$10/autopay discount 

Clearly this is a $50 /mo plan!

I have filled complaints with the FCC and Florida Agriculture, consumer services. . The corporate representatives  have lied repeatedly! They say this is a $60/mo plan. They say loyalty discount and autopay discount are not stackable.  Both Verizon stores in Alachua and Chiefland  Florida say they are stackable.  I only want what is right! What my plan says.  I will never stop my fight with Verizon to make them honor my plan says and refund the overcharged funds! I will use every agency and if need be take them to small claims court! I am a veteran and a senior citizen as well as a long time customer of Verizon.  They should be ashamed of the lies and actions of their corporate representatives!

Re: Plan
Customer Service Rep

Your concern regarding the pricing of your plan is understandable, and I want to help you with this matter. I am here and would like to review to see what is going on, can you please send a Private Message, so I can assist?