Please see this message gets forwarded to NoahS_VZW

@ NoahS_VZW and the rest of @vzw_customer_support

Thank you again for being the one capable and willing to work this issue out. It's really irritating that it was such a simple issue. It's hard to match the correct description of a problem with the correct interpretation and knowledge of that problem. Everything seems to be working properly. Most importantly, please forward the below message to your boss or head of department...


To: Top ranking manager of vzw_customer_support department,

I have been trying to work out what the data problem is with my service since the first day I switched to Verizon in June of 2020. I've spent an estimated 15-20 hours with tier 1 and tier 2 tech support doing the most rudimentary diagnostics, and never seeing a slight improvement. After enough time had been spent there, I started searching online for resolutions and found the VZ community forum. I posted first a detailed description of exactly the problem I was having. Please read through at the bottom of this message to see what I'm talking about. It's not like I was saying "It's real slow guys, like really really slow, and I don't think it's my phone." No no, it was instead what should have been enough to trigger the attention of someone who would immediately escalate the issue to the necessary people. I got response after response, asking more useless questions and asking me to authenticate (which by the way, never worked on any device or browser, someone should look into that issue as well). Sometimes it felt like it was about to get somewhere, but then another person would respond and the whole process started over again. 

This is the point I decided to post all the responses, my original post, all of my personal information including IMEI and ICCID of my device, and all my necessary account information, so that no respondent would have an excuse to not address the question. It was almost mean by calling out representatives by their user signatures, but I was getting nowhere for three weeks, and it became clear that being a squeaky wheel may get greased. 

Noah responded simply by asking if he could contact me directly, with all the information I had been providing. I responded "yes" and I got his call in less than 60 seconds afterwards. He was patient, knowledgeable, and willing to really dig into the technical parts of what could be happening. His insight to hear the problem, apply his intelligence, and tackle the problem with an "I will figure this out" attitude is what won the day. It ended up being an irritatingly simple issue, but one that only could be diagnosed by understanding some fairly minute differences in accounts, plans, and priority of bandwidth based on how hardware and software operates. 

I'm a business owner, and I constantly struggle to find people with Noah's determination. If I come across this at my business, the person would be immediately trained to start training others because of their efficiency in discovering issues and making them better quickly. Noah is an asset that cannot be overvalued for Verizon. Since I've dedicated so much time to this issue, it seems only fitting that I should spend time recognizing the quality of performance that Noah was able to provide to me in such a short time, especially in comparison to what I'd experienced up to that point. 

I sincerely hope that Noah is commended for his work, and that he has a clear path upward and forward to help Verizon as a company do a better job in technical support. We should all be so lucky to have employees like him. 

All the best!

 (a finally satisfied customer of Verizon)