Port a post-paid number to a pre-paid account with balance


I have a post-paid number (call it X) for which the contract expires end of October 2014.

I don't need that any more since I got a company phone but I still want to keep the number and use Verizon as a backup phone/service.

I purchased a Verizon phone, activated it as a prepaid account the Pay-As-You-Go plan with a new number (Y) and added $15 (the minimum to the prepaid account).

I then went to a Verizon store to port the number X to my recent Pay-As-You-Go account.

Initially they said they could not do that but after discussion with the manager they said they can but only if the balance on the pre-paid account is $0.

I found that rather unusual - does anyone have experience with anything similar?

I can of course drain the $15 from my pre-paid account but I don't want to do that unless its absolutely necessary.

Any suggestion or advice would be greatly appreciated.



ps: Also, they said I would need to pay an early termination fee - I am guessing I can't get away from that.

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