Possible debt for prepaid plan


I need Customer Support attention. In 2008 in New York City I got a free cell phone (old-fashioned Motorola) with a Prepaid plan ($50 a month). I threw away this cell phone and I don't know what was my phone number so I can't register here on the web-site to see if I have any debt for my plan.

The thing is that I used this phone for 2 monts (so I paid $100 in total). But the problem is that I remember I signed some contract, and even wrote there my SSN. I don't remember was it a plan for a year or several months. My question is - if I received a free cell phone and signed a contract, do I have to pay Verizon any fee (or it is already a debt) for that I was paying to a company only for 2 months?

P.S. Additional question - During those 2 months I made one international call to Australia but I didn't get any SMS from Verizon that I should pay something extra besides $50 a month.

If you can find my phone number at your Verizon system with my name, you can find my real name in my profile here. I live in other country, I can't go to Verizon office to solve this problem there. I really need Support help. Thank you.

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Re: Possible debt for prepaid plan
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you will need to call customer service

this is a peer to peer forum

Re: Possible debt for prepaid plan
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Hello dana87! I can certainly understand wanting to take care of any past billings, especially if you are out of the country! So let's see what we can do to get your questions answered.

I recommend that you Follow and send me a Personal Message with your name and as much information as you have on that older account. This way we can correspond with each other in trying to get you the answers you are looking for! To follow me, simply place the your mouse cursor over my forum handle name, and click on Follow. Finally, just send me a Personal Message.

You may also try and contact Global Support for additional information and assistance, by calling (908) 559-4899 from a land line.

I look forward to hearing from you, in order to work on resolving this for you. Thank you for your time, dana87. Take care!


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