Post Paid to Prepaid- lost all service

Yesterday afternoon we went from post paid to prepaid accounts within Verizon. Phones (iPhone 12s) and phone numbers remained the same, phones are paid for, accounts in good status with autopay. This morning we realized that we can't make or receive phone calls even while on wifi (I am able to contact *661 but no 10 digit phone numbers), can send/receive texts only on wifi, and can't connect to anything requiring data while off our home wifi.

Tried to log into our verizon account and it says the phone line is disconnected. Have been on the phone for 3 hours with tech support so far and my pin is not valid, the IMEI is not showing up in their system also. Every time we try something and restart the phone the call drops and now I can no longer reach anyone. 

Any ideas?

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Re: Post Paid to Prepaid- lost all service
Customer Service Rep

We never want our customers to go through this. We would be happy to look into this further for you, to get some clarity. I will be sending you a private note shortly, to further assist. *Gian