Pre-Paid Verizon Customer Support Was AWFUL!

I have NEVER come across such incompetencies as I have over the 4 hours I spent on the phone over 4 different calls with the Verizon Pre-Paid customer service line. All I was trying to do was get a receipt for a month where I paid for a pre-paid phone service (business purposes). According the IRS standards, in order for my company to bill our client, and thus pay me back, was for me to get a detailed or itemized receipt. Apparently Verizon does not do this?!? When I activated the account over the phone I was given the option to receive a text message receipt. I opted out at this moment because I was told that I could receive a receipt via email, but that their receipt services were down at the moment. I called back a week or so later, and there was some issue with my account, so the Verizon automated system would tell me that there was nothing that they could do for me at this time (followed by a "good-bye" and hung up). I called back a third time a week after that and after about 20 minutes I was able to talk to a representative that informed me that he had email me the receipt (I was driving at the time, so I was unable to confirm this). Low and behold, I get home and there is no receipt in my email. I gave it a couple of days in case there was going to be any sort of lag in their system. I do not receive a receipt via email, so I call the customer support for the 4th time. I spent 2 hours on the phone with them this time all while being on hold while the representative tried to figure it out or while I was being transferred to another department. Needless to say I got sent in circles and finally had to ask for a manager. After about 30 minutes of explaining to the manager why it was important for me to get a real receipt, she was able to send me a text message receipt to my now de-activated phone (so I am unable to forward this message along to any email services or another phone with that kind of access). I was told to transfer it via Bluetooth (I am no idiot and work with communications technology all day long). This does not work with the small flip phone that I have. I can connect, but I cannot transfer any messages. The representative tells me that she cannot send that receipt to any other phone numbers or email, and she tells me that she cannot activate the phone for even a couple of minutes so that I can forward the text message along to a phone that has network access. This phone does not have ability to transfer files via USB to a computer. She says that there is nothing else that she can do for me, and if I want to be able to send that receipt via text message from the phone that they sent the receipt to (mind you this is after the phone has been deactivated and after I have requested a receipt numerous times before its deactivation) I would need to pay to reactivate the phone.  I will never utilize Verizon's pre-paid services. I spent over four hours of my time trying to get a ~$50 receipt, and they were unable to accommodate me in any way. What kind of business is unable to provide you with a receipt?!?!?!?!?!? They wouldn't do anything to try and make sure that they got the receipt to me. How can you be a such a HUGE phone service provider and not be able to provide a customer with a simple receipt. What a joke.

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